English Newspaper 300

“English Newspaper 300” is an English-studying eBook summarizing Editorials of Korea Herald, Korea Times, and Joongang Daily.

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Features of 영자신문300

  • Day-and-date English education eBook
  • Attune to high level of English studying
  • Enlist 300 key expressions excerpted from Korea vernacular English newspapers
  • Easy to compare the key words between KE (Korean vs. English) & EK (English vs. Korean)
  • Free MP3 audio (English recording only)

Top Reasons to see

  • Tap into high level of English
  • Being a first-mover of on-premise & future-proof English
  • Simultaneous interpretation practice
  • Seamless exposure to versatile aspects of day-and-date English
  • Direct approach to over-the-counter English
  • Plugin on-the-go English eBook 


If you are new to this book, we encourage you to testdrive Trial Version. Containing 7% of the regular volume, it does not overlap the regular edition.

Regular & trial editions of “영자신문 300” are seen at 구글 플레이북스 Google Play Books and 네이버 북스토어 NAVER N Store.

MP3 files are free-downloadable in this site.